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Elephant Head Taxidermy is located in Southern Colorado.

Elephant Head Taxidermy
PO Box 818
Trinidad CO 81082-0818

You may reach us by:
Phone: 303-433-3001

Owner and Artist, Ed Borner
See About Us for more about Ed.



  • At all times individual clients are responsible for obtaining the appropriate licenses and permits required by law and are responsible for complying with all game laws and federal regulations pertaining to the hunting of the species.
  • Contact us for shipping instructions; import information and field care advice. We will provide trophy tags and shipping labels upon request.
  • Order processing will begin upon receipt of your deposit of 30% of the order.
  • Upon completion, clients are notified of the balance due and arrangements are made at that time for shipping, delivery or appointments arranged for pickup of the trophies. When picking up trophies, be sure to bring appropriate padding, rope, etc., to insure safe transport to your home.
  • Elephant Head Taxidermy reserves the right to impose interest and or storage fees when necessary and will not be responsible for items left beyond 30 days following notice of completion. Items left beyond 90 days become the property of Elephant Head Taxidermy and may be sold for the labor costs/ balance due.
  • Tanning is accepted at owners risk only. Tanning is sent to reliable commercial tanneries however, in view of the many factors which have a very definite effect on the final results of fur dressing such as primness, general condition of the animal, climate condition and lack of knowledge and facilities in the field, we assume no responsibility whatsoever for tanning.
  • Elephant Head Taxidermy provides basic insurance coverage of trophies in our possession. Loss of damage of materials in possession of Elephant Head Taxidermy due to fire, theft or vandalism, or burglars or any other reasonable control is not to exceed beyond market value, which is defined as the actual cost to purchase a skin, etc., of similar species.

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