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Elephant Head Taxidermy

A full service operation, including all phases of taxidermy.

Within the realm of taxidermists one may find those who are the craftsmen and those who are true wildlife artists. In choosing Elephant Head Taxidermy you will avail yourself of the opportunity to utilize one of the most experienced and creative artists in the industry. The skills of the basic processing, sculpting, and scientific knowledge of anatomy and animal behavior are unified as your trophy is created. This master taxidermist has devoted a lifetime to the study, collection and mounting of animals.

Elephant Head Taxidermy offers personalized service regardless of the size of the order or degree of complexity of the mounts. We are not a mass production studio. We are prepared to modify or completely customize forms to meet a client’s expectations and needs. Our creativity is limited only by the client budget and space available for the creation. We take pride in our work whether it be a single common trophy or museum collection. Historically we have received awards for our work but feel it most important that what we produce is our best possible for the specimen we receive. We are honored to create a work of art, which, will for all time represent the memory of your harvesting experience. In addition, we offer trophy cleaning and repairs to maintain your investment over the years.

About the Artist

Ed Borner has long been recognized in the hunting industry as one of the most experienced and creative taxidermists in the nation. Completion of training with the Northwestern School of Taxidermy in 1960 served as the beginning of a career in the wildlife restorative arts. Ed is truly an artist and master craftsman, taking the mounting process far beyond the basic steps of processing, into creating wildlife art. The knowledge of anatomy, sculpting, wildlife and their habitats, when combined with the basic taxidermy process results in an ability to create exceptional trophy pieces.

With over six decades in the industry, it is obvious that his work has surpassed the test of time in meeting customer expectations, growing within the trade, being creative and innovative in producing quality, truly representative specimens. Ed has a passion for hunting (over 4 decades of hunting in South Africa) and has studied the African and North American game in their natural habitats, and has also participated in international and national conservation efforts.

Ed is a Past President of the Denver Safari Club International, a Life Member of Safari Club International, Professional Hunters Association of South Africa, NRA, National Taxidermists Association, CO Taxidermy Assoc, and he is an official measurer for SCI (master measurer), and Rowland Ward.

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