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Elephant Head Taxidermy is a full service business offering personalized service, award winning mounts, import clearance, custom form making and more. Completion time for standard pieces is six to nine months. Trophies are insured while in our care.

In every line of work there are master artists and craftsmen who are outstanding. Here is your opportunity to avail yourself of the creative work of a master craftsman, sculptor and experienced taxidermist whose work of perfection is known worldwide. A lifetime devoted to the study, hunting, and mounting of animals.

The operation of Elephant Head Taxidermy, Inc. since 1960 is a symbol of artistic quality which has gained Ed Borner recognition as an artist and master craftsman in taxidermy and has won for him the esteem of leading big game hunters and sportspersons everywhere.

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Elephant Head Taxidermy often has mounts, hides and horns for sale. Click on an image for a closer look and description of item. Check in often. We try to post items as they become available - but feel free to contact us on what is in stock or special order items!

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